"I can never forget the exact moment that I knew- I loved him. I am careful not to say “the moment I fell in love with him”; because this was more than a feeling or force. This was real. This was love. I’d recognize it in a heartbeat -or perhaps, the skipped ones- that it existed inside me for him. It was a love greater than I could create myself; it had been placed there from heaven. That’s how I knew it was going to last forever. This was the kind of love that had grown so big that ‘love’ seemed too small of a word to capture it. This was a love that would take a lifetime to express. And that was exactly what I hoped I would get to do the rest of my life. I loved him. That was the beginning- and there would never be and end."

"You’re not what you do, you don’t belong to yourself. You’re what Jesus has done, you belong to Him."

Tullian Tchividjian (via prevailzine)

I am apart of you,
I hear you calling my name.
Church, I know you’re screaming..
“why won’t someone love me as I am?
Is this how its supposed to be?
Am I just a silent knock on the door of God’s heart?
Am I renewed?
If I am redeemed,
does that mean I have the right to wage war on the marginalized,
and the ones who we believe don’t quite have their bootstraps developed,
and believe that ours are shining with stars we falsely earned?”
I am afraid of you.
You long to reach the ears of God,
but Church..
you are a clanging symbol in the wind.
You are without love.
Church, are you still sleeping?
Do you think holding a condemning sign,
will breathe the breath of the Risen king into others lives?
Church, I love you.
Church, I want to be you.
You have a love for communities that resembles nothing else.
You are a storyteller.
You are a force to be reckoned with.
You are a lovely yet humbled community.
sometimes I don’t want to help you.
Sometimes I want to show you the error of your ways.
That you baptizing your privilege and calling whiteness
is disunifying and
it is sucking the marrow from your bones.
But then I remember.
We are one.
We have a commonality:
I hear Jesus whispering my name,
Help the Church,
Show my glory,
Love my people,
Do justice,
Love well.
You are the Body.
This is your task,
and I will be with you until the very end of the age.
lets answer the call,
let us love well
in the midst of our own muddy cisterns that cannot
and will not hold the water of Life.
lets dance in freedom
in the dirt of our souls
and call it glory.
Lets love well."

Church, I am you, but I don’t want to be by jesusiswhatthisworldneeds (me)